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Improvements to the payment provider setup

  • We changed the UI of Payment Providers in the hope of making it more simple for vendors to select and add a payment provider.
  • We know that vendors get confused on different type of payment providers.
What has changed?
  • We do not show empty list of providers for new vendor - we immediately jump to adding a new provider
  • We added AVO tracking event to better know which payment providers users try to setup
  • We refreshed UI design (headers, backgrounds, etc) to a new style
  • We now only list 3 top payment providers in each country and provide a drop box for the rest of them.
  • For Payment Providers that have more than one version (e.g. Borgun with Token,Gateway and Payment Page) we have moved that to tabs instead of multiple options each with a test one as well.
  • We have moved the Test Page to a link as most companies do not use this.
What's next?
  • wo things are upcoming for Payment Providers.
  • First is adding space for more information in the overview screen, we see that some vendors are confused on what a payment provider is.
  • Second is making it so that adding the payment provider to a booking channel will be within the steps. Looking through support conversations we see that's a driver of conversations where a vendor has added the payment provider and is confused on why it's not showing up on their widget's.
Feedback already received.
  • Having suggesting a payment provider collect the information automatically instead of creating a ticket in support.
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