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Customer relationship tools

As some of you may know, the CRM has been in the works for a few months, and during that time we’ve added a boatload of new features as well as improvements to current features.
What’s new?
  • The Customers Index Page, where you can search, filter and action every single person who has ever booked a tour with your company!
  • Customer Overview where you can see a single customers entire booking history, personal information and quick actions such as "Send email", "Create booking" and "Edit booking".
  • Completely new Email Templates, allowing our users to create better looking emails in a fraction of the time it took before.
  • A new Send Email feature, compatible with our new templates. This also includes a new bulk emailing feature!
What’s improved?
  • The Automated Messages have gotten a massive facelift, as well as getting email template compatibility!
  • With the new Auto Messages, we also fixed a ton of old bugs related to that feature.
  • We've redesigned the booking cards on the customer level, and we intend on using the new design to spearhead a Sales feed redesign in the near future.
What’s invisible?
  • An entirely new Customer Data Table which results in the CRM being lightning fast. It also allows us to take our MixPanel tracking to a whole another level by creating funnels based on individual bookers!
The feature is hidden under the "CRM" feature flag, and to test it you need to give your User ID permission to do so and then disguise as one of the vendors with the feature enabled.Any questions or feedback regarding the feature can be directed at me here on Slack.
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