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New pricing

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  • Prices are not stored in the Extranet anymore → Scalability
  • The overhead of maintaining prices on experiences will reduce dramatically.
  • We no longer enforce entering prices for the same experience for all price catalogs. The user will only be asked to enter prices for catalogs are connected to the experience.
  • The price catalog page that we all know will go away
  • Date ranges on price catalogs will be replaced by price schedules. A price schedule is used when prices need to be configured on specific dates. It works very similar to experience availabilities so our users should be familiar with that functionality already.
  • Prices are now entered in the Experience editor at all times. When setting up prices for an experience the user needs to specify a) What currencies will the experience be sold in and b) What are the prices. (There will be one extra step when using multiple price catalogs)
  • When this is released, all new vendors will start using the new pricing structure. This is done so that we can monitor new signups and resolve bugs for them if they arise. Once the monitoring phase is done we will start migrating existing vendors over to the new pricing.
  • There are some existing vendors that can’t currently be migrated over to the new pricing. However the upgrade script has a force functionality that migrates them anyway. It could cause some issues or the vendor will lose access to a feature that is important to him. So force migrating should be done with that in mind.
  • Price markups for resellers will be deprecated and a similar functionality can now be done using price modulators, although there are some differences.
  • The toggle “Use supplier’s prices for all currencies” on marketplace contracts has been removed and is not supported in the new pricing. It enables sellers to alter how currency conversion works when looking up the supplier prices. Now when suppliers have a price in the currency of a given booking channel, it will be used without any additional currency conversion.
  • We are not storing historical values for rates in the new pricing. This means that prices may differ when bookings are updated and the rate configuration has changed.
  • We will apply a price modulator with the highest discount if the vendor has >1 price modulator for the same product.
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