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Pricing notifications

This feature, once launched, will add a new type to the existing set of notifications (accessible at the top right corner of Bokun UI).End users will receive notifications about resold products in the following cases:
  • the price had changed
  • any product settings had changed which may cause pricing changes (e.g. taxes added/removed, product category (un)linked from activity and so on)
  • as the effort to get this out required some internal code changes, we have also improved audit trailing. Instead of generic "activity updated" event, there will now be far more fine events helping to track down the essence of what happened if necessary.
  • this is useful for combo owners whose combo parts are resold. Currently, if running combos, resellers are responsible for pricing but have no way of knowing if the underlying product has changed price, product category and so on.
  • as we will cease to support fixing prices in contracts with the new pricing, there will be a demand for this sort of information from resellers
  • Follow this thread to get notified when this goes out to production. Aiming for the next hour.
How does it work?
  • notifications are sent to all reseller users who are not disguised
  • no new notifications (about the same product/catalog) are sent if there is at least one unread notification for the same product/catalog pair
  • when clicked on notification, users will be shown the price preview screen, the same one which is visible when the contract is signed
Known issues
  • original feature request was hoping for Excel export feature as well but we decided to use the Bokun notification framework and wait till Excel export is implemented for it in general
  • some notification events are triggered only if supplier had switched to the new pricing
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